Some words about my life experience.



My background is in business administration. I was president of SCS, Inc. from 1979-1999 selling medical computer systems to small and mid-sized medical practices. Our team installed, trained and maintained UNIX based computers in California and Arizona. After selling the business I focused on raising my son, taking photos of all of his school events and making videos for the school and many of the families. Today he studies engineering at the University of Washington and I've turned my focus to my work at the Comboni Missionaries, Red Cross and photography. 

My time with the American Red Cross started in 1987 and focused on disaster response and photography. I still work with the Red Cross as one of their event photographers but also as a Public Information Officer for local disasters and their first aid teams during Rose Parade. 

My time with the Comboni Missionaries began in 2001 and opened the door for travel to third world countries and introduced me to a variety of cultures. I have traveled to nine mission countries, most of them in Africa, and look forward to an upcoming trip back to Uganda in July 2018 followed by a safari in Kenya with my husband.

The Red Cross and the Comboni Missionaries are well established humanitarian organizations serving people facing severe hardship. Another exceptional group that I spend time with is "Hope for Kabingo" based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their goal is to break the cycle of poverty by planting seeds of hope in young hearts which will grow into a bright future. Their focus is serving the villagers of Kabingo, Uganda and the surrounding region: improving education, health & wellness as well as agriculture and economic vitality of the people that live there.

Wanderlustthe desire to wander and explore the world.

When I was young my grandparents traveled the world and would bring back reels of film from their adventures. I inherited their "wanderlust" and love of photography. Dad gave me my first camera and we spent a lot of time together shooting flowers and raptor birds: eagles, hawks, owls, etc. and an occasional pelican. These were birds that he treated for injuries as a physician for Fish and Game.

Since 1979, I've had the opportunity to visit 28 countries and I've loved every minute!  My first visit to Africa was on safari to Kenya in 1989      with dad and a small group of photographers. 

Travel highlights include: visiting East Berlin before the wall was taken down; Russia on a Stolichnaya vodka tour at a time when wearing jeans would have you deported or put in jail; a visit to Eqypt just days before the overthrow of Hosni Mubaric; my trip to South Sudan for the celebration of their first Independence Day; to Italy for the canonization of St. Daniel Comboni; but the most interesting was my trip to Uganda in 2015 to find Christine, a young Tanzanian woman, who I brought back to the United States for medical treatment at the Grossman Burn Center. Christine had sustained severe burns after an "acid throw" to her face and upper torso.  She stayed in the United States for 9 months and endured numerous surgeries before returning home to Uganda.


Local Assignments:

  • Active Shooter Exercises

  • Red Cross Disaster and First Aid Stations

  • Funerals and Graveside Services

  • Community and Corporate Events

  • Dwell on Design: Los Angeles

International Work:

  • Medical Clinics and Small Hospitals in Northern Uganda

  • South Sudan: Independence Day

  • Safari: Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

  • "Hope for Kabingo" Medical Mission Trip Uganda