Hope for Kabingo


The pictures shown here are from the July 2018 Mission trip to Kabingo. (Click on an image below to open the corresponding gallery.)

We travel for 24 hours to Entebbe, Uganda and then another half day to the village of Kabingo. From our base in Kyocera at the Bakhita Guest House, with running water and electricity, every day we travel 45 minutes by bus down a dusty road to and from the bush village of Kabingo.

Wile the medical team treats thousands of patients for illnesses such as malaria, others hang mosquito nets, teach classes at the primary or secondary schools, work in the pharmacy, or examine eyes. Whatever the tasks, we meet wonderful and grateful villagers and play with the children.

This year’s participants included individuals, couples and even families. The average cost of the two-week trip is $3,500.00, including roundtrip airfare of about $2,300.00 (airfare will vary)

If you are interested contact: hopeforkabingo.inc@gmail.com